Melody Sharp is a credentialed and celebrated piano teacher who has achieved noteworthy results with students of all ages in two countries. Melody is now accepting students for private piano lessons in Las Vegas and Henderson. Scheduling space is limited. Students are accepted after a free consultation. All ages and levels from 4 years old through adult are welcome.

Please call 702-483-8348 for further information or to schedule a free introductory consultation for yourself or your child.

Melody Sharp is the founder of LLC , a comprehensive music instructional program that includes tracking progress against a curriculum and teaching all the disciplines of music while paying attention to the student’s increasing ability to play. Students feel confident and satisfied when they can play well.

An applicable reference is: “Smart Cuts” by Shane Snow.

Part of Shane Snow’s hacking method suggests recognizing patterns in life’s endeavors – this is particularly applicable to learning to read music and playing techniques.

The National Teachers Association for Music Teachers (NAFMT), featured article by Tony Mazzocchi “What Makes a Great Music Teacher?” is a good reference for any learning adventure but especially applies to private music lessons.

Free online beginners piano lessons


The Encore Performance Program is a great way to hone your performance skills and stage presentation.

Melody offers a number of resources to prepare for and enter talent shows, competitions and shows or prepare for a perfect recital. Go to Encore Performance Program to see these resources.

Recitals, show cases, competitions and CD and Video recording are just some of the opportunities to perform.

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